Computational modeling of cyanobacterial cells in natural and controlled environments


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Battery of 10 lab-scale photobioreactors

The experimental part of the project takes place in the Global Change Research Centre (CzechGlobe) in Drásov/Brno.  We use a battery of 10 lab-scale photobioreactors, each equipped with fluorometers, turbidimeters and pH/CO2/O2 sensors for continuous real-time monitoring.  The sparging gas for the photobioreactors is supplied from precision gas mixing systems and the outgas is analyzed by dedicated gas analyzing systems. A high-resolution imaging cytoflowmeter together with a cell sorter (FACS) is used to separate cells of different optical properties which reflect biochemical heterogeneity for detailed analyses on the level of subpopulations. In our support lab, we have standard equipment for algal research available.


Cell sorter

The computational modeling is realized using local high-end workstations. Commercial computational software is available (MATLAB, Mathematica).

Models of cyanobacterial cells and their environment are published in peer reviewed journals and on

CzechGlobe infrastructure

Other CzechGlobe facilities available to us include high class instruments like HPLC–HRMS, GC-MS, Orbitrap LC-MS, Raman and FTIR spectrometers.




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